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Welcome to my author's blog!

Updated: Sep 7

Who am I?

If you're here, then you probably know that I'm Suze Kay. I write poetry and creative fiction - mostly short stories, but a novel is in the works. (Really, more like three!) I love to write horror and dreamy, psychological journeys through mind and time.

A picture of the author Suze Kay in black and white with the ocean behind her.
That's me!

I grew up in Massachusetts, inland and the South Coast. I went to Yale, where I studied Art History, and then the Institute of Culinary Education, where I became a pastry chef. These days, I live in Hoboken, New Jersey with my fiancé and my cat. In the daylight hours, you can find me stirring a huge pot on the stove of the restaurant where I work.

And at night, when the minutes grow long and the hours shrink, you can find me hunched over my laptop, cooking up something of an entirely different nature.

What will you find here?

Simply put, my writing.

I post regularly on Vocal Media. I'll always love that site. But it's good to have a backup, and to host your own work on a platform only you control, so I'll be shuffling some of my best pieces from there to here.

I'll be sure to tag my work appropriately so you can sort through what you like at your leisure. Those tags will allow you to sort by type of writing (e.g. poetry, short stories, excerpts, rants, and book reviews), and also tone or subject matter. I'll be including content warnings as necessary - and believe me, some will be necessary.

I promise I'm a happy person. But sometimes my mind takes me to unhappy places, and I think it likes to unfurl in the weirder parts of the human experience. Come along for the ride.

Are you there, world?

Let me know if you're tuned in by leaving a comment here! Introduce yourself. Tell me what you want to read. Tell me what you want to write. Tell me anything.

And if you want regular updates on the happenings Chez Suze, make sure you've subscribed to my email list by clicking the big pink button just below!

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